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Wondering where Daleks, Cybermen and the Borg are? They're over in the "Do cyborgs really count as robots?" corner, although it's arguably worth pointing out that Daleks aren't really robots at all, just aliens inside weirdly-shaped suits of armor... that may as well be robots for all we actually care. I'm sure there will be arguments about this, nonetheless. Also missing from the list: The Decepticons, who must've killed many people during their various toy, cartoon, comic and movie reigns of terror, but none that I can remember in "real" continuity (Which is to say, All Hail Megatron doesn't count, because it's intentionally an "alternate reality" story). Also also missing is Brainiac, who has just been retconned again into being as organic as robotic, sadly.

Who else have we missed? Tell all here.


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