Could You Ride The Backwards Brain Bike?

The “backwards brain bicycle” is built for frustration. It turns right when you turn left, left when you turn right. Destin, of YouTube channel Smarter Every Day, thought it would be easy to translate his mechanical knowledge of how the backwards bike works into a smooth ride. He was wrong (for a few months, at least).


In fact, Destin says most people, when you show them the backwards bike, think they can ride it. You probably think you can, too. Switch left and right? No problem. I got this.

No, you don’t.

Love the section in the middle where Destin talks about how quickly his son picks up on the bike’s wacky mechanics, but the whole video is excellent. Be sure you stick around at least through the five minute mark, where, after spending months mastering the backwards bicycle, Destin hops back on a normal bike.

And by the way, if you’re not already subscribed to Smarter Every Day, what are you even doing with your life?



I wonder if someone experienced at riding motorcycles — which, once above parking-lot speed, change direction by countersteering — would have better luck.