Could You Have an Entire Conversation in Pop Culture References? The Magicians Challenges Us All

Image: Syfy
Image: Syfy

Season three of The Magicians lands on Syfy this Wednesday and with it comes one of the show’s best scenes ever. Hold onto your butts—The Magicians is going meta.


The writers of this show are truly magicians themselves if this newly released clip is any indication. We’ve come to expect a certain level of quippy dialogue from The Magicians, but when it comes time to hide a vital conversation from prying eyes and ears, King Eliot comes up with an amazing plan: Talk in pop culture!

Eliot’s entire conversation with Queen Margo is perfection but hits a high note by kicking things off referencing another Syfy series: Battlestar Galactica. Take a look (unless you want to go into the episode fresh, of course). And don’t worry if you’re not entirely versed in pop culture; there are helpful subtitles to explain some of the references.

Speaking of dialogue, executive producer Sera Gamble also revealed on Twitter today that the expletives will be flying around like players on a Quidditch field in season three.

The Magicians returns to Syfy this Wednesday at 9 pm.

[via TV Line]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

But could you have an entire conversation made up of cultural references with another culture? That would be genius writing.