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In the science fiction world, "Shipper" stands for for "relationshipper," and it means anybody who is completely obsessed with one particular couple on their favorite show. Usually, but not always, it's a non-romantic pairing that the Shipper wishes would get hot and sexy. We all have a little shipper in us, but some romanticism can easily slide into dangerous, capital-S Shipper territory. Take our quiz to find out how much of a Shipper you really are — if you dare!



1. Do you fight with your friends over whether Starbuck and Apollo would be better for each other than Starbuck and Anders on Battlestar Galactica? Or insist that Martha would be a more fit girlfriend for the Doctor than Rose, on Doctor Who? If you have these kinds of debates about any couples (real or potential) in a show, add 5 points to your score.


2. When you buy DVD box sets of your favorite show, do you skip to the episodes that show the most tension between people in your favorite couple? Plus 5 points for that. If you have ever bought a DVD that is specifically related to one relationship, like the Buffy/Spike special edition, give yourself 20 points.

3. Do you suspect it's just a scam to boost ratings when when two characters get together for a romantic liaison and then conveniently break it off one episode later? Take 5 points off your score.

4. Have you ever had a dream about your favorite couple from a TV show? Plus 5 points. Plus 20 points if you dreamed that you were one member of the couple.

5. Did you think the whole Han Solo/Princess Leia thing was either A) a lame plot diversion to get chicks to see a Star Wars movie, or B) a sexist plot to undermine Leia's power? If A or B, take 5 points off your score.


6. Did the love scenes between Padme and Anakin in Revenge of the Sith make you yearn for a fast-forward button? Well, that makes you normal. No points added or subtracted.

7. Have you ever thought maybe certain characters in the Star Trek universe are too slutty and need to settle down with certain characters who are more faithful? Give yourself 5 points.


8. Do you know that people write Shipper fiction on LiveJournal and share it with each other? Simply having that knowledge, even if you've never read any, means giving yourself 2 points.

9. Did you squeak - out loud OR in your mind - during the scene in Serenity when Kaylee and Simon got it on? Give yourself 5 points.


10. Are you bummed that Ripley from the Alien movies never hooked up with anybody? Plus 2 points. Have you tried to match her up in your mind with spaceship captains from other movies or TV shows? Plus 10 points.


Less than 0 points. You're pragmatic about pop culture and maybe a little cynical about love.


Less than 10 points. You're just a normal person who enjoys science fiction and has occasional naughty thoughts.

10-20 points. Your ship is veering into Shipper territory. We suspect you fast-forward to the shippy parts of stories.


20-40 points. You've read at least one piece of fanfic, and more likely a thousand.

More than 41-50 points. Not only do you have a LiveJournal where you write about your favorite Ship, but you probably have a gang of friends who hate the rival Ship. You also refer to yourself as a Shipper in mixed company as if everybody knows what that means.


More than 50 points. You are to blame for the scene where Troi shaves Riker in the tub in Star Trek: Insurrection. Go sit in the corner with this silly hat on!

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Annalee Newitz

@femto: Hahaha. Here is the funny thing. I was inspired to write this post because I was shopping for lotion in The Body Shop yesterday, and the woman working there saw my Doctor Who-esque hightops and asked, "Do you watch Doctor Who?" Thus followed the most surreal convo I have ever had with a salesperson in The Body Shop, and ended with her squeaking, "I'm a Rose Shipper!" Damn she was cute.