Could We Turn the Earth into a Giant Hard Drive?

As our geo-engineering capabilities grow more sophisticated, is it possible that we could manipulate the Earth in such a way that it could turn it into a massive hard drive? That's what io9 pal Geoff Manaugh asks over at BLDG BLOG. He writes:

The earth would become a kind of spherical harddrive, with information stored in those moving webs of magnetic energy that both surround and penetrate its surface. This extends yet further into an idea that perhaps whole planets out there, turning in space, are actually the harddrives of an intelligent species we otherwise have yet to encounter – like mnemonic Death Stars, they are spherical data-storage facilities made of content-rich bedrock.


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The Curse of Millhaven

The Earth's magnetic field "flips" every so often, reversing the north and south poles. That would be a heckuva drive crash.