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Could Vin Diesel be starring in a Marvel movie?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

The Wolverine has a new banner, Edgar Wright shoots down an Ant-Man rumor, and something is going on with Vin Diesel and Marvel. Plus find out what would happen in This Is The End 2. Is a Knight Rider film really happening? And one contender to play the Twelfth Doctor explains how he'd play the role. Spoilers ahead!


Man of Steel 2

Take this with a major grain of salt, but an unnamed source tells Cosmic Book News that Man of Steel 2 will go into production next year, with Nolan taking more of a backseat this time while he focuses on Interstellar. But, most interestingly, the source also says that Zack Snyder wants Mark Strong to play Lex Luthor.


[Cosmic Book News]


Edgar Wright took to Twitter to put to rest the rumors that he and Armie Hammer met on the Captain America 2, set and that Hammer was in talks to take the starring role:

But… I haven't been on the Cap 2 set…—
(@edgarwright) June 25, 2013

Or met Mr. Hammer…—
(@edgarwright) June 25, 2013


Despicable Me 2

Director Chris Renaud says the sequel sees Gru still reformed from his former villainous career, now focused on developing a line of jams and jellies. Renaud says the Minions will meet their match in a new set of adversaries, Purple Minions. And explains:

We wanted to give the Minions a more central role. For the first film, the Minions were developed very much along the way. They weren't even in the original story pitches or scripts. But with this one, knowing that audiences really enjoyed them, we wanted to take not only Gru and the girls to the next level but also the Minions.

And on Kristen Wiig's character, agent Lucy Wilde, who teams up with Gru:

She's his polar opposite. She's bubbly, optimistic and has a great personality. When he reacts to her, his cynical attitude comes out.


And on the film's villain, Eduardo, who was originally voiced by Al Pacino:

[Pacino] gave us some incredible contributions. But Benjamin Bratt was another actor we were considering before Al. So we don't want an unhappy actor, and we want something that is well-realized on all sides. If you don't see eye to eye, sometimes it's easier to [part company] and move on from there.


And here are two new TV spots:

[The Oakland Press]

This Is The End 2

Even though no sequel has been greenlit yet, Evan Goldberg has some ideas about where it would go:

We actually talked about doing a sequel where it starts at the premiere of This is the End. Seth’s a cokehead in this version, Michael Cera is a calm dude with a boyfriend, Rihanna and The Backstreet Boys are back.

We have a lot of ideas: a heaven and hell, for example, and a garden of Eden version where Danny [McBride] is Adam.


[Screen Daily]

The Wolverine

Marvel Editor Jeanine Schaefer explains how the movie will tie into the comics:

We do try to make sure that there's stuff for new readers to access around movie time. Starting in July, we're doing something super cool with a weekly Infinite Comic that you can get through the Marvel Comics App, which will see Logan on a mission in Japan. And then in August, we have a new Wolverine event kicking off, called "Killable."


[Comic Book Resources]

Here's a new banner:

Illustration for article titled Could Vin Diesel be starring in a Marvel movie?


Knight Rider

A big-screen version of Knight Rider is in the works, as a "higher-budget, more action-oriented" film from the Weinstein Co. And they've hired Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs and Arrested Development) to write the first draft of the screenplay.


[L.A. Times]

Unspecified Marvel Movie

Vin Diesel posted this to his Facebook:

Marvel has requested a meeting. No idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me...


So which of the rumored Phase 3 movies could it be? Ant-Man? Doctor Strange? Something else? And if it is one of those, who could Marvel want Diesel to play?


Transformers 4

Here's some video of a 1965 and 1969 GTO being loaded up for the production:

Independence Day 2

The release date for the long-awaited sequel has already been set: July 4, 2015, exactly 19 years after the first one was released.


[TV Guide]

Doctor Who

While David Harewood says that, since he was already in David Tennant's final episode, the chances of him being cast as the next Doctor are slim, he's still thrilled:

It's only rumours but it's amazing to be attached to such an iconic role. It would be extraordinary if the BBC were to make me the first black Doctor Who, it would be extraordinary. But I'm almost scared to make any comment whatsoever.


Plus, he already knows how he'd approach the character:

Not to... put too dark a pun on it, but I would make him darker. I would like to make this guy a bit of a badass if I was to do it.


[Entertainment Wise]

True Blood

Here's the official synopsis for this Sunday's, episode:

Sookie (Anna Paquin) confronts her growing attraction to the mysterious Ben (Rob Kazinsky). Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) counters Burrell’s (Arliss Howard) brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting his nemesis where it hurts the most. Growing up all too quickly, Andy’s (Chris Bauer) faerie daughters end up keeping dangerous company. Sam (Sam Trammell) and Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) make a connection. Bill (Stephen Moyer) tasks Takahashi (Keone Young) to synthesize a new kind of blood.



Plus, Micheal McMillian says that this week will also feature a very tense reunion between Steve and Sarah, and we “will get some insight into what happened in their marriage during Seasons 3 and 4… They have some unfinished business.”


[TV Line]


Colton Haynes spoke with Comic Book Movie and teased what's next for Roy Harper in season two:

Roy will have to go through a little gamut, he's going to have to go through a lot to experience the level that Oliver has because he was fighting for his life for five years. I'm thinking Roy's going to have to be beatdown a lot before he gets built back up.


And on Roy's romance with Thea Queen:

There's a lot of heartbreak and also some unexpected events put a kink in their relationship.


And finally, on what from the comics we can expect to see:

You're going to see a lot of [DC] comic book characters that people love, coming into the world of Arrow. [. . . ] There were three different ways my character could have gone and I think we're taking the most adventurous way.


[Comic Book Movie]

And the show's official Twitter released this behind the scenes photo of Manu Bennett:

Illustration for article titled Could Vin Diesel be starring in a Marvel movie?

[CW_Arrow on Twitter]

American Horror Story Coven

Lily Rabe says that, this time around, she's not playing a nun. In fact, her new character is "nothing like Nora or Mary Eunice in the first two seasons." Also, she will be working a lot with Kathy Bates.


[TV Line]

The Leftovers

Damon Lindelof's series about life after the Rapture has been busy casting. Amy Brenneman (formerly of Private Practice and Judging Amy) has been cast as Laurie Garvey, a woman "who has left her entire life behind to join a mysterious cult." Also cast is Emily Meade (Gimme Shelter) as Amy, an "uninhibited high school student who seemingly takes the apocalypse in stride." Also in the pilot/recurring is Jake Robinson (Carrie Diaries) as the "guy we all wish we were in high school."



Also cast is Chris Zylka (Secret Circle) as Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) and Laurie Garvey's estranged son, Tom. Tom "has recently dropped out of college and taken refuge with a mysterious guru."


[The Hollywood Reporter]

Additional Reporting by Charlie Jane Anders


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I will watch THE SHIT out of that movie. YES. But ONLY if KITT is sassy.

However, I would also settle for Knight Boat