As cliffhangers go, the one in the Supergirl finale was pretty low key. After a saccharine sweet family dinner, the cast sees a Kryptonian pod arcing through the air. Kara and J’onn toot over to investigate, and the last shot is of Kara’s mixture of confusion and delight.

There were plenty of theories concerning the mystery pod passenger—from Kara’s mom to Comet, the Superhorse. Yet during SDCC we learned that Chris Wood would be playing the mystery (presumably) Kryptonian.


His casting immediately axes the predominant theory of Kon-El. Because this is Chris Wood.

And this is Tyler Hoechner, the guy any Kon-El would be a clone of.

Image: Gage Skidmore


I mean, while all good-looking white dudes on the CW look the same, one of these guys is blond! Blond guys can’t be clones of brunettes!

What he could be is another Kryptonian. Specifically one who would lean on Supergirl’s crisis of loyalty to Earth and Krypton and would tie into the time travel plots consuming much of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow this coming season.



This super cool Kryptonian incapable of wearing a shirt (perfect for Supergirl’s new home!) is H’el, the lab assistant of Jor-El, and he was sent out in the first version of Kal and Kara’s pod on a test flight—only for his ship to be knocked off course, after which he spent a few decades wandering and gaining ridiculous cosmic powers.

When he shows up in Supergirl #13 it’s to seduce Kara to his side—which is pretty easy because in the 2011 reboot, Supergirl had zero friends or family, and lived in a house at the bottom of the ocean. Girl was lonely. And also this dude was the only other survivor of her planet with any memories of said planet.

Once he’s got the strongest Kryptonian on the planet on his side (because Supergirl is also that) they build a machine to go back in time and save Krypton from destruction. But, because superheroes can’t have nice things, it turns out he’s crazy and his time machine will destroy Earth.


Obviously Chris Wood isn’t a dead ringer for edgelord H’el, but that’s nothing a coat of paint and a nice wig can’t fix, and who wouldn’t want to see Kara go a little red kryptonite again and accidentally nearly destroy the world so she can see her family once more?