Could this be what the brand new Godzilla looks like?

We've had glimpses of the new Godzilla at this year's Comic-Con, but we've yet to see a really good shot of the new monster. But this could be it, at long last! Spoilers ahead.


Godzilla: With Light and Sound! a figurine and book kit with ties to the brand new movie release date just popped up on the internet for pre-orders. Along with this cover image. Could this be the new face of our favorite Kaiju?

It looks very similar to the blurry bits we saw at SDCC. We still can't say for certain if this is THE ONE from Gareth Edwards picture, but it looks pretty damn close to us.

The movie opens on May 16, 2014, and we're betting you don't see his face until a lot closer to next spring. So this may be the best look you get until after the winter. First spotted by Godzilla-Movies via Amazon.


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