A blonde heroine fights her evil clone, while her superpowered male friend is too busy drying his hair to help out. I have no idea what TV show this is from, but it's one of dozens on this Youtube channel.

Youtube user Clonelab79 has posted 37 videos to date, most of them having to do with women and their evil clones. In particular, many of the most popular headlines are "Wife uses double of herself to seduce her husband" or "Blonde superhero clones herself" or "Alien plant grows clone of redhead." (The hair color is part of it apparently — it's just not as hot, for Clonelab79, if the alien plant was cloning a brunette.)

Here's "Wife has clone seduce her husband for her":


And here's "Brunette female cloned impersonated by android robot doppelganger", which is from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

And here's "Brunette superhero clones herself." The description is great: "Brunette is cloned by scientist to clear her original's name. The clone glitches and the real girl must fight her clone."

Here's "Alien plant grows clone of redhead":

Does anybody know what any of these things are from?


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