Here's a totally insane scene from the totally insane movie Galactic Gigolo, in which a giant broccoli from a planet of sentient vegetables comes to Earth in human disguise. To have sex with human women. And it turns out that "I'm from another planet" really is the can't-miss pick-up line. Warning: NSFW!

Why does a broccoli want to have sex with humans? Best not ask. But Galactic Gigolo is kind of an amazingly silly movie, in which the broccoli wins a quiz show and gets the chance to come to Earth looking like Elvis, or like a shlubby guy, and chooses the shlubby guy. He does a press conference on television to announce that he's a vegetable from outer space and he wants to have sex with our women, and this leads to him being chased by "Jewish Rednecks." They don't make movies like this any more

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