Chances are, you've already seen snippets of 1991's Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, and they may well be etched indelibly on your inner eye. The most devastating fist-bump in history. The famous "man strangling someone with his own intestines" scene.

And so on. This movie might actually be the most gruesome martial arts film ever made. To celebrate, we've gotten the most high-quality version we could track down, and made a clip of the movie's final boss fight, in which Ricky takes on the warden of his prison — who mutates into a giant monster. Which Ricky then feeds into a meat grinder, until only the grotesquely deformed head remains.

Oh, and it could be NSFW for intense violence.

Riki-Oh takes place in the futuristic year 2001, when the world has gone all dystopian. Ricky is a superhuman fighter who has an incredible resistance to pain. And he's going to need it, when he's sent to a corrupt prison where he faces mutants, monsters and freaks of all sorts. Here are some of the fantastic clips you can find on Youtube. (The whole thing is also on Google video, though the quality is not great).

Intestine-strangling fight scene (complete with the line "You've got a lot of guts"):

Ricky punches down an entire wall:

Ricky faces Tarzan, the best fighter in the Gang of Four — and punches his fist so hard it explodes:

What are your favorite Riki-Oh moments?