Aspiring musician Gary Mitchell has written a song called "In Brightest Day" that he desperately wants to appear in the new Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern flick. We don't like to kill dreams, but...


According to Mitchell on his Myspace page, "In Brightest Day" "is the perfect GL anthem, exalting themes of courage, perseverance and will power in the midst of impossible challenges." It's not a bad song, per se — his voice is in tune, the musicianship is professional, there are actual harmonies and melodies — but it's also not a good one.

And yet..."In Brightest Day" sounds exactly like the kind of song they used to end shitty '80s action movies with, the kind of earnest, overwrought tune that would lead into the closing credits. So if director Martin Campbell is aiming for a retro-crap feel for Green Lantern, then this would be perfect.


(Via Robot 6)

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