Could There Ever Be a Jabba the Hutt Sitcom?

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After his star turn in Return of the Jedi, what should Jabba the Hutt have done next? Richard Kelly, director of mindbender The Box, has some good ideas.


Bonnie Burton interviewed Kelly, and discovered that he has some pretty fleshed-out ideas for where Jabba should appear next. Could these be the seeds of Kelly's next project?

Kelly confessed that he loves Ewoks, and then said:

The Endor sequence in Jedi is my favorite part in any of the movies. If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one Star Wars movie, it would be Return of the Jedi. The whole set piece with Jabba the Hutt and the desert sequence with the Sarlacc Pit are great. Salacious Crumb is one of my favorite Star Wars characters too.

Jabba is so disgusting. He's just this gigantic slug. And the coolest thing in The Phantom Menace is when you get to see Jabba's wife. In fact, I love to see a movie all about Jabba the Hutt being a gangsta. Or maybe a sitcom called The Hutts where it shows the crazy shenanigans and escapades of the Hutt family.

It could even be like The Sopranos where he just whacks other alien creatures, and executes people, and he leads this foul, hedonistic lifestyle. A Hutt show would be amazing. I want to see that! Do you think that would ever happen?


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Jabba's crime empire falls into ruin, and he has to take in Boba Fett as a roommate to make ends meet.

The wacky situations would just write themselves! #richardkelly