Could There Be Another Planet Behind The Sun?

Universe Today's Fraser Cain nails it in just five words: "No. Nooooo. No. Just no." But then he explains how we know this, and what would happen if a planet were to suddenly materialize, in an orbital position hidden from our view by the Sun.

Eventually, our orbits would intersect, and there'd be an encounter. If we were lucky, the planets would miss each other, and be kicked into new, safer, more stable orbits around the Sun. And if we were unlucky, they'd collide with each other, forming a new super-sized Earth, killing everything on both planets, obviously.



[ Fraser Cain ]

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I know now that this isn't possible. We've long had the technology to detect the anomaly of another planet in that location even if we can't directly see it. But, when I was a kid, I was really impressed with myself for wondering... what if? What if there were a second Earth in the exact same orbit just 180 degrees away, always on the exact other side of the sun. We'd never see it. It would be in the same habitable zone that we are. How cool would that be?