Could the Tron Legacy sequel be right around the corner?

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Now that the buzz from Tron Legacy has come and gone, what lingers is a lot of unanswered questions. Like why did it rain inside a computer? Let's hope the rumored "soon-to-be-greenlit" Tron sequel will answer any remaining queries.


Ain't It Cool news is reporting that Disney is mere moments away from announcing that they're going back onto the grid with a third Tron movie. Granted, this has always been the plan for Disney, and even though the movie was met with mixed reviews, it's still made nearly $300 million worldwide.

So, what will the plot be for the second film? [Spoiler Talk] According to rumor a while back, Cillian Murphy's cameo in the first film — as the son of original Tron villain Ed Dillinger — was intended to set him up as the next big villain. Besides that, we can only assume the next film will include some sort of hilarious "getting to know you"-style musical montage of Quorra in the real world.

What would you like to see in the third Tron film?


Actually, I'd like an animated prequel. Filling the backstory about Clu's rise to power, ISOs and so on would be nice. I felt that TL was supposed to have more about that, but it was cut for budget and/or runtime reasons.