Could the terraforming of Mars look like this?

We're all revved up for the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars today, but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about a more distant future, when Mars is terraformed and turns from a red planet into a blue one. This short film Terraform imagines hundreds of years of geohacking to make Mars habitable for plant and animal life.


Combining both live-action and CGI, Arthur Bayard, Félicien Daros, Guillaume Dadaglio, Vincent Glaize, and Thomas Nivet at France's ArtFX school. They've also produced a "making of" video to show how a fake Martian terraforming comes together.

[via Underwire]



What if we do find life there? Do we go ahead and kill it off so we can have a new stomping ground.

Duh. Of course we do. We've done it before.