Could the next Pacific Rim film be a prequel? Plus New RoboCop Pics!

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

But don't hold your breath for Clash of the Titans 3. Orla Brady talks more about her "killer nun" character in Doctor Who's Christmas special. Plus, a fresh set of photos featuring the humanity at the center of Robocop. Will we finally get to the bottom of Coulson's resurrection? Spoilers now!

Top image: Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim 2

While there's no sign yet that another Pacific Rim movie will happen, actor Max Martini has commented on what he thinks could be the story for his character, Herc:

It's funny, I fell in love with this character. The key component was this relationship I had with my son, exploring the dysfunction and the loss, so where does Herc go from here? I don't know. It'll be interesting to see where Guillermo (del Toro) and Travis Beacham take it. I don't know if it's a prequel or a sequel, but if it's a prequel you'll learn more about Herc's family history. But Guillermo has such a vivid imagination, it could go anywhere.


Most interesting here is the chance that another movie might be a prequel, rather than a sequel, which a lot of sites have picked up on. There's some reason to think a prequel could work pretty well, since it could narrate the early days of the war against the Kaiju infestation. [Slashfilm]


Go here for a bunch more photos from the reboot. A lot of the images focus on the film's human characters, rather than the robots and the titular cyborg. However, the new international banner is focused on RoboCop and his cycle. [Giant Freakin Robot]


Clash of the Titans 3

Sorry, kraken-fans. According to producer Basil Iwanyk, who produced the first two movies, this threequel is not going to happen any time soon. Talking to IGN, Iwanyk says there's a lot of "Perseus fatigue," and adds:

But you never know. In terms of Clash of the Titans 3, it's one of those situations where we've seen it a million times; a movie will kind of float away and then come back when it's supposed to come back. You'd think that there was three and a half, four years of nonstop Clash of the Titans activity, and I think it is, "Okay, what's the new idea? How do you make it fresh?" You know, a lot of movies have come out in that world, including Immortals and 300. So there will be a time and place where someone will come up with a great idea for it and how to make it feel different and fresh from the previous ones. Then we'll hopefully move forward on that.



Gods of Egypt

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Iwanyk talks about this movie about Egyptian mythology, which will star Gerard Butler and be directed by Alex Proyas. He says it's getting ready to start filming March 23, and the whole thing will be shot in greenscreen in Sydney. It's Egypt "through the eyes of Alex Proyas," so it'll be more fantastical, and he refers to it as "Planet Egypt." He also says it's "more of an adventure movie" than Clash of the Titans was, because "Clash was a very serious movie." This is more like Raiders of the Lost Ark or Pirates of the Caribbean.


More stuff, including his thoughts on shooting in greenscreen, at the link. [IGN]


Here's a new poster, showing romance amidst an erupting volcano. [Coming Soon]


Doctor Who

Orla Brady, who plays Tasha Lem, talked about her part, and seemed to hint that her character may be some kind of "killer nun":

They offered it to me, and it was a lovely surprise. It's something I admired from afar, so I agreed and set the date, but I didn't have time to read the script. My agent and I have a long-standing joke between us where I say "I better give the part a quick read just in case it's a killer nun," because sometimes you get scripts where you're running around in latex with a machine gun.

So in this instance I said to her, "I haven't got time to read it, I absolutely would love to do it, it's hardly going to be a killer nun, is it?" Anyway [laughs], you'll see!


She also refused to talk about what she knows, even though she says she got the whole script and not just her pages. She did, however, speak about her part:

My character is great fun; she and the Doctor are old acquaintances, and when they meet it's been a few hundred years, because that's space and time for you. They're friends, they like each other, and that's all I'm allowed to say.


[Sci Fi Now]

Here's a BBC video interview with Steven Moffat about "The Time of the Doctor." [Life, Doctor Who & Combom]

And an interview with Jenna Coleman on the morning show, BBC Breakfast. [Blogtor Who]


According to Brett Dier, there's a lot of things coming up for Luke:

Will Luke be handling his own investigating – aside from the group – in order to find out what happened to his father?

Yes, there will definitely be some of that. Luke also gets in some trouble with the law, he gets to go in the back of a cop car. He's definitely more involved than in the first half of the season, where he was to himself and didn't believe in anything. He's definitely doing some investigating by himself, with Remy and with his sister. There's even a cool couple of scenes with Luke and Caleb now, so there's some bromance going on.

Will Luke ever fully believe and become comfortable with the idea of the curse?

Brett You know what, actually, he does. He does eventually get comfortable with it. Well, not really comfortable, but you know he just accepts it now.


Dier also said that the next few episodes are all action, no breathing room:

You know it's pretty high alert the next five episodes, because so much stuff happens, so many things that are really intense and not really much downtime, definitely not.



Agents of SHIELD

Here's a summary of episode 11, "The Magical Place":

"The Magical Place" — Coulson uncovers vital information about the mystery of his death, but, with Centipede out for blood, this knowledge may come at the cost of one of the team.



And here's a teaser poster for that episode. [SpoilerTV]


Lost Girl

Episode 4.10 will be called "Waves," and here's a short synopsis:

Kenzi signs everyone up for an undercover mission at a mysterious corporation.


Go here for a complete set of photos from episode 4.08, "Groundhog Fae." [SpoilerTV]


American Horror Story

Here's a description of episode 12, "Go to Hell":

Cordelia's latest vision puts the Coven's future in question. With the end of Fiona's reign approaching, the girls manifest powerful new gifts. Queenie's search for Marie Laveau leads her to Hell and back.




Go here for a bunch more photos from episode 2, "Vector." [SpoilerTV]


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