It's probably not a coincidence that Warner Bros. is rushing ahead with a movie based on the mega-popular online game Minecraft, right after Lego Movie became one of the year's biggest films. But will a Minecraft film capture what's so great about the game?

As Deadline points out the Lego/Minecraft comparisons sort of suggest themselves:

The game is very much like the world we saw in The Lego Movie as master builders constructed what they needed as they needed...

In the Minecraft game, players create their own avatar and use cubes to create, build, and destroy structures and other forms across multiple game modes and various players. When you first begin the game, the player is dropped into the middle of nowhere and must build out a world of their own, but monsters can come out at any time and you must survive the night.


But as Deadline says, this could be the next Lego Movie or the next Super Mario Bros. Lego Movie co-producer Roy Lee is producing Minecraft, along with Jill Messick (Mean Girls.) No clue yet who's writing or producing this thing, though.

As co-creator Magnus "Notch" Persson admitted, "Also, I [am] very well aware that this might be Minecraft jumping the shark, but how often do you get to be part of making a movie?" [via Wired UK]

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