Could the latest villain rumors for Star Trek Into Darkness and Amazing Spider-Man 2 possibly be true?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We debunk one of them, but we can't entirely dismiss the other. Meanwhile, Marvel's visual effects head drops hints for Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World. Plus one last Walking Dead teaser before this Sunday's big return!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from X-Men: First Class.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Yesterday brought the latest flurry of rumors that Benedict Cumberbatch had been confirmed as playing Khan, not his supposed character of John Harrison. The source for this, however, is exceedingly random — basically, the next issue of Entertainment Weekly features a detailed preview, and one magazine cover features stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, while the other features Pine and Cumberbatch. If you go to EW's Back Issues Store — which presumably somebody did to discover this in the first place, for reasons that boggle the mind — the Pine and Quinto issue was labed "VOYAGE INTO STAR TREK KIRK & SPOCK", while the Pine and Cumberbatch issue was labeled "VOYAGE INTO STAR TREK KIRK & KHAN." Although that last word would seemingly give away the sequel's most closely guarded secret, both labels have since been updated to the far more grammatical "VOYAGE INTO STAR TREK WITH KIRK AND SPOCK", suggesting the previous labels weren't actual titles but instead quick ways to distinguish between the two covers, with the "Khan" caption likely put in by a random employee working from vague internet rumors, as opposed to someone privy to secret information. Because seriously, even if you wanted to reveal the movie's biggest spoiler, why on earth would you do it in the EW Back Issues Store?


The whole thing is rendered particularly moot by the actual article posted to preview its latest issue, in which it's made quite clear that no Khan-related revelations are forthcoming:

In this week's EW we give you an exclusive first look at the space age sequel that has geekdom waiting with bated breath. Star Trek Into Darkness, due May 17, has sparked feverish online speculation since the day it was announced — most of it about whether or not the film's resident baddie, John Harrison, played by Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, is actually the infamous super villain Khan.

Unsurprisingly, the ever secretive Abrams wouldn't answer that question — star Chris Pine calls his director a "benevolent dictator" when it comes to spoiling plot lines — but the cast did spill some details about what we can expect from Darkness: namely, a lot more action.

So then, I think we can all stand down and return to our normal business, at least until the next time some random person on the web accidentally mislabels a photo, at which point we can resume speculating wildly. And hell, John Harrison might well be the alter ego for Khan — this just isn't remotely definitive proof of that. [EW]

The Amazing Spider-Man

Director Marc Webb recently sent out another cryptic, quite possibly meaningless production tweet:


The storage locker in question closely resembles the locker in which the Ultimate Spider-Man version of Peter Parker discovered the building blocks of Venom, with both sporting the number fourteen. Also, February 6 is the birthday of costar Dane DeHaan — and this has led to the suggestion that DeHaan's "birthday present" is the confirmation that his Harry Osborn will become Venom, whether in this film or later. Admittedly, the tweet was actually sent out on February 7, but 12:34 AM is early enough that this theory still kind of works. Or the whole thing is one big windup from Webb, using a little production design Easter egg to get everyone speculating. So make of all this what you will, but I'd advise not making too much of it. [/Film]


Guardians of the Galaxy

Producer Victoria Alonso, who generally specializes in the visual effects for Marvel movies, discusses the work going into realizing team members Rocket Raccoon and Groot:

We're going to do it the best way possible. We are going to hopefully wow [you]. The beautiful thing about it is technology is always on our side, so we're I would say very deeply into developing the look and hopefully some motion tests are happening so that we can figure out how they move, but I think that we will put all hands on deck to make sure the fans are proud of those two characters.


[Crave Online]

Thor: The Dark World

Victoria Alonso also hints at some new, all-CG characters in the Thor sequel that are neither Asgardians nor Dark Elves:

There are a couple of CG characters there that I couldn't reveal at the moment but very soon I will. I'm sure we're going to see you soon, but there's a lot of work in Thor because don't forget, Thor is not of earth. So every time we're into his world we're in a completely different environment.

How about Malekith?
He is a real actor. He's not a CG creation.

[Crave Online]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Shawn Ashmore, who played Iceman in the original X-Men trilogy and will return to the role for Bryan Singer's X-Men: First Class follow-up, goes into as much detail as he can about the new film, which of course isn't all that much:

I know about the script, but I haven't been able to read the script. (Laughs) I haven't read the script, but I have a very good idea of what's happening and what my role is. I know, but I'm sworn to secrecy.

So as a fan are you psyched for the story? Do you think that other X-Men fans are going to be excited about what's happening and this spin on Days of Future Past?
I do, I do. I think the take on the story is really interesting. I think that Days of Future Past, as any X-Men fans knows, is a great arc. I love the idea of combining and bringing some cohesion to the two timelines that are happening now. I think that's exciting. Obviously the First Class cast is incredible, and having Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman interact with other cast members is going to be really exciting. Not only is the combination of the cast going to be really cool, but the story itself is going to be really fun.


More at the link, including his explanation of how he came to reprise the role. [IGN]

How To Catch A Monster

Yesterday, we learned that Doctor Who star Matt Smith will play the male lead in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, an urban fairy tale that is "set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city and centered on a single mother of two being swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town." Also, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks plays the main character, a worker at a fetish club of some sort. Anyway, Gosling has reportedly added two more cast members, with his girlfriend Eva Mendes taking on the role of "Cat", described as "a prominent figire of the Big Bad Wolf Club", which is presumably the aforementioned fetish club. Meanwhile Possum Dixon frontman Rob Zabrecky, whose various acting credits including playing an auctioneer on both The Mentalist and Brothers & Sisters (secret crossover!), will reportedly play a cab driver who may or may not get called upon to do a little auctioneering. [Bloody Disgusting]


The Walking Dead

Here's one last teaser for this Sunday's midseason premiere from executive producer Gale Anne Hurd:

"There are a lot of humans in serious jeopardy. There's a lot of betrayal. There's a little love. There's a lot of zombie action. And then we get to say goodbye sadly to a few more people."


[E! Online]

Once Upon a Time

Here are three sneak peeks for this Sunday's episode, "Tiny."

Here are some promo photos for the following episode, "Manhattan." [KSiteTV]

Here are some highlights from a recent lightning round question and answer session with showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, starting with whether the show will eventually reveal how Regina came to adopt Henry:

We will eventually. Not this season.
Is there a way for Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to get her memories back?
Kitsis: If it was permanent, that would be the most bleak end. How does Gold (Robert Carlyle) bring her back is the story I would watch.
Horowitz: And hope is a very important component to our show. No matter how dire the circumstances, short of death, we like to think there's always hope.
Will Sidney Glass (Giancarlo Esposito) ever return?
Kitsis: We would love to have him in every episode. He's a big part of Revolution. We want to have him back, but it's about scheduling.
Horowitz: If we can make it work, that would be fantastic.
Kitsis: We are obviously huge Giancarlo fans and it's always an honor to have him on the show. He's a star on a big hit show right now!


There's more at the link. [TV Guide]

Episode 19 is reportedly casting the following two guest characters:

A Thief, who is male, 30 years old, brave, honorable and steals magic from Rumpelstiltskin; and Keith, who is 35, bitter due to a hard life, and likes to chase women.



American Horror Story

Taissa Farmiga, who played Violet Harmon in the show's first season, will reportedly be back as a new character in season three. Show creator Ryan Murphy also tweeted out confirmation that Frances Conroy, who played Moira in season one and the Angel of Death in season two, will be back as a new character once again. [TV Line]



Here's a promo and a sneak peek for next Wednesday's episode, "Trial and Error."

And here's a synopsis for episode sixteen, "Remember the Titans":

GODS VS. ZOMBIES - Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are stumped when they investigate a possible zombie case where an amnesiac man (guest star John Reardon) dies and then revives himself once a day. After the guy is attacked by the goddess Artemis [guest star Anna Von Hooft], Sam and Dean realize he's not a zombie but instead a God, more specifically, Prometheus.



The title of episode eighteen has reportedly been changed from "The Apple Dumpling Gang" to "Freaks and Geeks." [SpoilerTV]



Here's a promo for next week's episode, "The Odyssey."

Here's the synopsis for episode sixteen, "Dead to Rights":

DEADSHOT RETURNS - Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey) learn that Deadshot (guest star Michael Rowe) is still alive and his next target is Malcom (John Barrowman). Malcom invites Tommy (Colin Donnell) to attend a benefit honoring Malcom for his work with Starling City but Tommy refuses to attend. Oliver encourages his friend to mend his relationship with his father while he can. Meanwhile, Oliver struggles to balance his new relationship with McKenna [Janina Gavankar] and his duties as Arrow. Katie Cassidy, Paul Blackthorne and Susanna Thompson also star.



Being Human (UK)

Here's the synopsis for episode four:

Crumb has found his bloody way in the world with a new pal in tow. When Rook approaches Hal to get them under control, Hal is unable to refuse: he owes Rook a favor after all. But that's not the only favor Rook asks: he wants them to look after Bobby (Ricky Grover), a werewolf who has been under Rook's care for a very long time. The task falls to Tom and he has his work cut out for him reintroducing Bobby to a world he's long forgotten.


Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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Off topic a bit, but I realized as I was reading the star trek article, that what kind of makes batman better than superman from a layman's perspective (my own - haven't read many comics but know a decent enough amount of lore through osmosis/reading io9) is that Batman has the joker, whereas Superman has.....? There is an endless list of circulating bad guys but who is superman's archnemesis? I can't think of anyone as iconic as the Joker. Am I wrong? Is there one recurring bad guy who manages to outwit superman most of the time and then escape into the night only to turn up again later?