Could The Europa Report be the space horror film we've been waiting for?

Here is the first ever footage from the mysterious space movie Europa Report. This tense new teaser features the first ever shots of the crew in action outside of Europa and the film's score — composed by io9 favorite Bear McCreary!


The film centers around a team of astronauts headed out to explore one of Jupiter's moons. It appears to be composed almost entirely out of footage from stationary cameras positioned around the ship. We love the shot from the "nose camera" filming the crew straight down the barrel of the ship. It's all very 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not too much to go on plot-wise, but we do know that Sharlto Copley is a main crew member aboard this vessel. Can't wait to see what's really going happening on or around that moon.

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I'm spoiling it right now. The Monolith is the killer.