Could the Amazing Spider-Man movies really set up the Clone Saga?

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Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons might be playing a very crucial Star Wars character. Sony might be looking for a director to bring the Masters of the Universe film out of limbo. Find out who could be playing Kyle Reese in Terminator 5. Damon Lindelof hopes that character trumps mythology in The Leftovers. Plus, sneak peeks at tonight's episodes of Intelligence and Sleepy Hollow! Spoilers now!

Star Wars

We mentioned yesterday that Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons was a frontrunner for a role in Episode VII, and there's some talk that it's a lead role. And now there's more speculation, focusing on the fact that Plemons bears enough of a resemblance to Mark Hamill to play his son in Episode VII. [Cinemablend]


Masters of the Universe

Ever since director John M. Chu left the film adaptation, the project has been in a sort of limbo. Now there's a rumored list of directors that are reportedly being asked to take over. The names listed include Andrés Muschietti (Mama), Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Rian Johnson (Brick), Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie), and Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders (The Croods). Nothing about these directors' previous projects shed any light onto what the studio wants Masters of the Universe to look like, since that's a pretty diverse set of directors. [Screenrant]

Terminator 5

The role of Kyle Reese in the next Terminator movie is still unfilled, but apparently a final decision is on the way. And the decisions apparently between five actors: Wilson Bethel, Thomas Cocquerel, Jai Courtney, Boyd Holbrook, and Sam Reid. One of them will likely star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, and Emilia Clarke. [Coming Soon]


Jurassic World

Sam Neill's pretty much confirmed that his Dr. Alan Grant won't be in the next movie. Neil told the Examiner:

I'm sure it's going to be great, but they don't need me... I think there's a whole new cast and a whole new look at things, and I think that's great. As I said, I'd never say no, but I wish them [well].


[Coming Soon]

Batman Vs. Superman

That rumor about Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa being up for a major role in the Man of Steel sequel? Apparently nothing to it. Momoa told IGN, "It's just rumors... I want to say something amazing, but I can't comment on rumors. It's flattering. I'm not involved in it." [IGN]


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Below are a few new shots from the new movie, including a good look at the Falcon and Captain America in his vintage duds. Chris Evans explained a little about how he and Anthony Mackie end up meeting in the film, saying:

Meeting Mackie's character, he used to serve, now he works at the VA counseling guys who come home with PTSD — they connect on that level. I think they're both wounded warriors who don't bleed on other people. Cap has no one to bleed on. I think Mackie knows how to handle people like that. … Sometimes when things are bad, trusting a stranger is the way to go.




The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here's more from The Daily Bugle tumblr, this time name-checking Professor Miles Warren (aka the Jackal), cloning, and "cloning co-eds." These tumblr posts have dropped so many villain names, that it's unlikely that all of them actually relate to the sequel. However, it could play into the expanded Spidey-universe that Sony's already announced. So, who's on board with weaving the Clone Saga into it? Here's the post, titled "Cloning Class at ESU":

By Ken Ellis

It's either a sign of the times or a sign of the apocalypse…

Manhattan's Empire State University announced a new class for the 2014 fall semester in advanced biogenetics that will actually require the successful cloning of a living creature. Introduction to Live Cloning, taught by noted geneticist Professor Miles Warren, is the first class of its kind anywhere in the world.

When asked about the ethical aspects of teaching a class on how to clone living cells, Warren said, "Our responsibility is to educate our students and prepare them for life. For those who study genetics or biology, cloning will be a fact of life."

The ethical aspects of cloning are irrelevant to Warren, who added, "We are cloning single-celled amoeba. Maybe one day we'll work our way up to mice. There is no ethical dilemma. Save your red flag for when I start cloning co-eds…"


[Coming Soon]

The Leftovers

Even though the HBO drama features a planet dealing with the loss of 140 million people in a sort of Rapture-ish event, executive producer Damon Lindelof is really hoping viewers won't be dwelling on how this happened, or why. He told reporters:

Hopefully what you're going to care about when you watch the show more and more is how are these characters are basically dealing with this situation in terms of living in this world and interacting with each other and less about what happened and where everybody went and why.


Additionally, reading the book the show is based on won't give viewers any advantage, since Lindelof says that the show will deviate from the novel:

I don't want to say whether we're going to do that ending or not on the show, but I can say the ending in the book is not the ending of the series. We'll be moving past the ending in the book fairly quickly in terms of the life of the series.


More at the link. [TV Guide]

Black Sails

The Treasure Island prequel is determined to avoid any pirate-expectations you may have. Showrunner Jonathan Steinberg explained what wouldn't be in the show:

There's no parrots — that was easy. It's not interesting to see a guy walking around with a peg leg. But it is interesting to see a guy lose his leg in the course of the story and how that happens and the consequences of that. Visually I think we're trying to create a world that doesn't feel like a cliche. They're not in this for an adventure every day, they wake up and go to work to survive. If viewers come to it expecting Jack Sparrow, that's absolutely not what you're going to get.


And star Toby Stephens described bis character, Captain Flint:

He's a survivor. They're at the edge of the world, really, and they're surviving the best way they can. He's got a very cool analytical mind and he's planning way in advance. Most of these pirates live day by day, but Flint has a bigger plan. He's going to try and liberate these pirates and give them a safe place to be where they can defend themselves against the Spanish and British without fear of being kicked out. But the way he does it isn't necessarily the right way. He's got this burning purpose to free the pirates yet he will stop at nothing to achieve it.


[Entertainment Weekly]


Condola Rashad has been cast as Nefertari in Fox's 13-episode series about a thief who must serve the pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Nefertari is described as the "the Pharaoh's half-sister with a rare beauty that intimidates even the strongest of suitors… and she knows it." [SpoilerTV]


Star Wars: Rebels

Here's a new image from the Disney series, which shows stormtroopers and the new bad guy, the Inquistor. [Entertainment Weekly]


Sleepy Hollow

Here are three sneak peeks at tonight's episode, "Vessels." [via SpoilerTV]

Agents of SHIELD

And here's a sneak peek for tomorrow's "Seeds." [via SpoilerTV]


Here's a short clip to episode three, "274." [SpoilerTV]

American Horror Story

Go here for a bunch more photos from episode 3.11, "Protect the Coven." [SpoilerTV]



Here are two sneak peeks from tonight's episode, "Red X." [via SpoilerTV]


Here's the preview for episode nine, "Four Roses." [via SpoilerTV]


Here's a promo for episode 3.11, "The Good Soldier." [via SpoilerTV]


Go here for a complete set of promotional cast photos for season two. [SpoilerTV]


Tomorrow People

Go here for more cast photos. [SpoilerTV]


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