Could Super 8 really be about super-intelligent college students? Plus Torchwood has a mystery guest star!

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An insane, probably false new plot synopsis suggests the mysterious J.J. Abrams movie Super 8 might be nothing like what we'd expected. We explain why casting decisions for the Clash of the Titans might affect the Superman reboot. The producer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter talks casting and action sequences for our suddenly kickass 16th president. Torchwood: Miracle Day might have an unexpected guest star.


Spoilers from this point forward!

Super 8

Want to hear a highly dubious, transparently ludicrous, and almost certainly false plot summary of Super 8? Well, here we go, with this heavily sic'ed IMDB forum post that's supposedly by the son of one of the movie's set designers:

This movie is about a scientific research gone wrong. 8 college students sign up for experimental research. The research changes there DNA allowing them to accumulate powers like mind control, strength, pyrokenisis, telepathic abilities and so on. The military finds out about the experimental program and pays a large sum of money to the scientist for the rights to continue the research and weaponize them. The scientist had stopped the research because they knew what it could be used for.

But money corrupted them. The only way to contain the students who's powers were still increasing from the experiments was to cool there bodies to a point low enough to keep them alive but to stop brain function. They sent them by train because it would be a fast way of travel while insuring that they would be contained. Unfortunately something went wrong with the train and it crashed. The freezer they were in stopped functioning allowing them to escape…They hide out and attempt to learn how to control there powers. What they don't yet know is that the military has created super soldiers from the same research they purchased. There mission is to hunt down the college students codenamed as "Super 8″ and kill them before the experiment goes public.


So yeah...this fairly obviously is not what the movie is about. I mean, J.J. Abrams isn't above some pretty fiendish misdirects, and I suppose it's conceivable the title refers to something other than just old Super 8 cameras, but come on - this plot has nothing to do with the Spielberg homage Abrams has repeatedly said this movie is intended to be, and pretty much everybody in the announced cast is either under 16 or well into their 40s. So yeah, this plot summary isn't real - although the theme "But money corrupted them" is pretty universal, I must admit. [Aeromental]

War of the Titans

Barney's Version actress Rosamund Pike has reportedly been cast as Andromeda, replacing original actress Alexa Davalos. Now, in and of itself, that isn't that interesting, but this also might have some tangential implications for the...

Superman Reboot

...because Pike was one of three actresses rumored to be in contention for the main female lead, which is supposedly the Kryptonian psychopath Ursa. Assuming for the moment that Pike really was in contention for that role, the timing of this pretty much takes Pike out of the running for Ursa, and Diane Kruger has already denied she's up for the role. That leaves She's Out of My League actress Alice Eve as the only real possibility from the original three names, so it's possible she's now the main contender for the role. Or this is just a lot of speculation, and we're just grasping at straws. I think the latter is the more likely possibility, although since we're already being kinda ridiculous, let's just be completely ludicrous and assume this all means Lindsay Lohan has the part sewn up. [Deadline]


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Producer Jim Lemley stopped by his alma mater, the University of Idaho, and he reportedly shared some details about the movie with a business class there. He reportedly said that Joaquin Phoenix is not signed on to play Lincoln's immortal mentor Henry Sturgess just yet, although he seemed to be Lemley's choice for the role. Star Ben Walker is indeed playing Lincoln from the age of 22 to his death at 56, Lemley showed some parts of the script that suggest this is a fairly faithful adaptation, and one action sequence "was set outside of New Orleans and Lincoln and a vampire were locked in battle in the middle of a stampede of horses." [/Film]


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

This movie sounds completely ludicrous, but at least it's got a decent cast. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton are already on board as adult versions of the fairy tale characters, who work through their childhood trauma by hunting down and killing as many witches as possible. Now X-Men actress Famke Janssen has reportedly joined the movie in an unknown role, although the smart money is on some sort of witch. [The Playlist]


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Original movie co-director Dean DeBlois offered some hints about what the sequel will entail:

"It's going to be quite epic. We are treating How To Train Your Dragon as the first act in a much larger story. As we head into this one, the world expands. Everything is much bigger with still the heartfelt qualities that made the first one resonate so much with audiences. There are no longer restrictions to this tiny island in the North Sea. They have the entire Northern hemisphere within their grasp. The only way of tracing the story is to draw on elements that were in the first movie and set up elements for a third movie, so it doesn't feel like a random adventure with the same five or six characters. This truly is a second chapter in a larger story."


More details at the link. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Here's a behind-the-scenes promo for episode 13, "Immortality": [Fringe Television]

Some promo photos are out for episode 15, the flashback episode "Subject 13", which reveal some truly epic John Noble wig action. [SpoilerTV]


Anna Torv says she doesn't know how the romantic triangle between Peter, Olivia, and alternate Olivia will pan out. She also addressed the rumors that alternate Olivia is pregnant with Peter's child:

"Fauxlivia's kind of fun. I wouldn't mind spending some more time with her. [On the possible pregancy] I think that we're about to find out something that's going to make that decision a whole lot harder for Peter. That's all I can say."


[Digital Spy]

Here are some set photos. [Susan Gittins's Flickr]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

The production staff has been tweeting clues about the identity of a mysterious "special guest", with the implication being that this person will be appearing in one of the episodes. A couple of production members have tweeted quotes from the movie Jurassic Park, specifically lines spoken by Dennis Nedry. Nedry was played by Wayne Knight, who is otherwise best known for playing Newman on Seinfeld (and, if you happen to be me when I was eight, Michael Jordan's assistant in Space Jam). So...Wayne Knight might well be guest starring in an episode of Torchwood, although as you might be able to tell, this feels just a bit tenuous right now. Here's hoping this is just the first step on a long and winding journey that ends with Matt Smith uttering the immortal words: "Hello...Newman." [Doctor Who News Page]


No Ordinary Family

Here's the official description for the February 22 episode "No Ordinary Proposal":

"No Ordinary Proposal" – Jim's feelings of guilt are overwhelming when, during a fight with a thug, he diverts a bullet that accidentally hits a boy – causing life-threatening harm. Meanwhile, Daphne's boyfriend, Chris, steals the trilsettum serum from the Powell house and injects his wheelchair-bound father, Roy (Anthony Michael Hall), with disastrous results; Joshua proposes to Katie; and JJ's teacher takes unscrupulous steps to get him to join the school's academic decathlon team.



The Cape

Here's a promo for episode 7, "The Lich, Part One": [SpoilerTV]

Being Human (US)

Here's a promo and sneak peek for episode 5, "The End of the World As We Knew It." [SpoilerTV]

Click to view


Here's a trailer, a sneak peak, and a synopsis for episode 2.: [SpoilerTV and Daemon's TV]

News of a missing survival shuttle sends Cass, Fleur and Jack outside the settlement in search of Stella's daughter, only to find that something or someone has got there first. Stella and Tate are confronted both by their old foe Julius Berger and the accusations made against him by a young woman from the transporter.


Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.


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