The October issue of Playboy is vamped out. Huzzah for supernatural nudity but here's hoping they turn down the coy and turn up the blood-bathing Elizabeth Báthory centerfolds.

The latest Playboy will be all about vampires with an article detailing the sexification of the beast along with lots and lots of toothy pictures, naturally. Here's the thing...I'm actually pretty excited about any sort of female vampire especially since we're awash in a world of male vampires. Give me some bad girls who aren't secondary characters or crappy Louisiana Queens. I want Catherine Deneuve's Miriam from The Hunger and Carmilla back. But I'm sure my fantasies of photo shoots of virginal blood letting will probably swapped out for something more, sad and boring old naked lady Playboyish. But if this brings us one step closer to the return of the Power Lady vampire, then so be it.


So basically less of this:

and more Playboy, which is the first time I think I've ever said that. And yes, what you are looking at above is a Twilight corn maze in Utah. Just stop it. What a disaster.

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