Could Pierre Chang Right The Wrongs From Last Week's Lost?

If you're like me, you spent last Wednesday after Lost in a puddle on the floor weeping over injustice. But a video from last years San Diego Comic Con, featuring Pierre Chang, gives us hope.

Oh, and there are spoilers.

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Last week, we saw long haired Daniel go the way of all Lost side characters. Together, in horror, we watched as his own mother shot Daniel right through the chest (curiously missing Richard, who was most likely protected by his magical eyeliner). Down went our long-haired champion of science and would-be saboteur of the timelines. Commenters remarked that he must be dead, since they saw "the light go out of his eyes." But I disagree, and would like to point out three valid reasons why Daniel is, in fact, alive and kicking.

First, the video from Comic Con above. This video was screened at the Dharma recruit center at SDCC. Keep listening for the voice at the end of the tape. Many say it is Miles, but they would be wrong. That is the voice of Faraday I know this in my heart of hearts. Listen to how he says "Please" — that's the man with the plan. In last weeks episode Daniel tried to convince Dr. Chang that he was from the future, and was met with disbelief and a bit of anger. After this chat, he went into the woods to find his younger mother in the Others' camp, and apparently died by her hands. If he did die, then who is on this tape? And how did he convince Chang that he would eventually blow up the island? If what was screened at SDCC is canonical, then our boy will be back.


Second, as Locke has proved by getting almost murdered then actually murdered twice — once by bullet, second by strangling, both times by Ben — you can come back. The island can heal you. Plus what better person to aid in this healing process than an Other. Daniel's mom who will no doubt feel some remorse for her callous actions.

And finally, if the island doesn't want to magically heal someone of its own will, cant "the others" instruct it to, the way they did with bullet-riddled Young Ben? An evil Faraday is better than no Faraday at all.

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It does sound like Faraday.

Too bad he was so utterly out of character in last week's episode.