Of course not. But Steven Moffat reportedly told people last night that it's official that the Doctor, that alien time traveler, can only change his shape a dozen times. With John Hurt added as a previously unknown incarnation, that makes Peter Capaldi the Last Doctor.

Top image: DrkSde on Deviant Art.

At the Ad-Lib event at this year's Edinburgh TV festival, host Frank Skinner reportedly asked, "Do you acknowledge the convention that The Doctor can only regenerate 12 times?" And Moffat answered simply, "Yes." But would not go into any detail about how he might circumvent that limitation at the end of Capaldi's run (if Moffat is even still writing Who then.)


Here are the facts: originally, the Doctor's ability to change his face was vaguely described as something that came with being a Time Lord and having a TARDIS, without any mention of limits. Then, in 1976's "The Deadly Assassin," we met an emaciated, dying version of the Master, an evil Time Lord, who had used up all 13 of his allotted bodies. Since then, the 12-regeneration limit has been mentioned on and off. In a Sarah Jane Adventures episode a few years ago, Matt Smith's Doctor hinted he could actually change his face countless times — but that appeared to be a joke.

Honestly, whoever is in charge of Doctor Who when Capaldi leaves would have to be insane not to make this into the basis of a story. We all know that Capaldi won't be the last Doctor — but finding out how the Doctor manages to gain more lives is full of fascinating potential, that you'd be nuts to handwave away. Heroes are only as interesting as their limitations, and the more limitations, the more interesting the hero.


In that same talk, Moffat mentioned that he thinks of the Time Lords as being absolutely dead — so it doesn't sound as though they could step in and grant more lives, the way they apparently did for the Master. Maybe the Doctor will have to make a deal with some other super-powerful entity? Or cross his own timeline? The mind reels.

Oh, and also in Moffat's appearance, he claimed the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes (from his show Sherlock) are opposites:

‘I suppose in certain respects they’re kind of opposites, aren’t they?’ he said at the Ad Lib event in Edinburgh on Wednesday to Frank Skinner: ‘The Doctor is the angel who aspires to be human and Sherlock is the human who aspires to be an evil god.’ Moffat also ruled out a crossover episode and said that the Doctor and Sherlock ‘wouldn’t like each other.’


Do you think that's true? Or they both versions of Moffat's beloved "cleverest man in the room" stock character?