Could NASA Build A Holodeck? Ask NASA Ops Expert Jeff Norris!

How can videogame technologies be used to explore space? Jeff Norris, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, is here to answer our questions about space teleexploration, the best way to control a robotic arm in realtime, and just how close we are to our dream of a holodeck.


Norris founded and leads JPL's Ops Lab, which not only builds the control software for JPL's spacecraft it also figures out new things for us to do with it, with projects ranging from developing a Kinect-controlled robotic arm to using the data sent back from Mars to explore an Oculus Rift-enabled version of the red planet from our own perch here on earth. Norris also led the teams that developed the control tools for the Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity Mars Rover missions. He's received both the Lew Allen Award for Excellence (JPL's highest honor for a technologist in the early years of their career) and the NASA Software of the Year Award.

He will be joining us today from noon - 1 p.m. (Pacific time) Ask him whatever you want about holodeck theory, VR-controlled robots, and how videogame technology could bring space exploration to us all.

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Eli's Got 2

Hey Jeff! You and your team are doing really amazing things at JPL. :)

Regarding holodeck: I can't even begin to dream about the reality of this. Maybe the Quantum supercomputer can be used for this? Ha!

How hard is it to navigate the rovers via VR on Mars?