Could John Carter be the year's first big flop?

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Disney's top marketing executive, MT Carney, has quit — right in the middle of the big publicity build-up for the lavish adventure movie John Carter. And meanwhile, there are tons of reports that Carter's budget has skyrocketed way higher than expected. This all adds up to one thing: Could John Carter be a Mars-sized bomb?


The Wrap is reporting Disney's movie adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars is beset by rumors of overspending, and concerns that with Carney's departure, Disney may not be able to raise awareness of Barsoom. The reported production budget has risen to $250 million project, and that's not including an estimated $120 million marketing budget.

People are starting to fret that the studio won't find a way to market this somewhat obscure character and setting to the masses. Sure, the Burroughs novels already have a built in fan base — but in order for it to reach the $700 million global box office Stanton says the movie needs, Disney has to lure a much broader audience into theaters.


Will they succeed? Only time will tell — but lately, a recently faster-cut series of trailers has raised interest in John Carter quite a bit. Here's hoping!

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Dr.Nemmo and his time-travelling submarine

In a word, yes. It will flop. I wouldn't bet my money on it. It will flop more than a couple of flip flops.

You know what I hate in the trailer? Mars is just like Nevada.