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James Franco is rumored to be the live action face of Kaneda in the live action Akira movie. Well, at least it's not Zac Efron.


Just Jared is reporting that ever since James Franco was selected to host the Oscars with Anne Hathaway, he just can't stop getting movie offers. And now he's allegedly getting courted to star in director Albert Hughes' Akira, as Kaneda. We're not sure what to make of this — we're a bit sad that Hollywood seemingly hasn't looked at a single Asian actor to star in the movie translation of Katsuhiro Otomo's work. Franco is a step up from Efron — and the PG-rated movie that would probably come with him. But is he the leader of the Neo-New York (changed for the film from Neo-Tokyo) motorcycle gang The Capsules? We're not sure.

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