Could It Be? Will We Be Free Of "Heroes" At Last?

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Rumors have been flying for weeks now that execrable superhero series Heroes was going to get renewed for a half season, despite abysmal ratings. But now it's looking like NBC has come to its senses.


According to Vulture:

When NBC executives got a look at the new pilots they had ordered (five have already been commissioned as series), they fell in love with their own handiwork; the network felt far better about these new shows' potential than they did about Heroes'. Even though there's no guarantee that any of the newcomers will work, there's a lot more upside to giving a new contender such as J.J. Abrams's Undercovers the time to find an audience rather than yanking it off quickly and begging viewers to give Heroes one more shot. As a result, according to agency sources and chatter around Hollywood, Heroes has started looking less like a backup plan and more like a waste of money.

However, NBC (which declined to comment for this story) is nothing if not appreciative of the few Heroes fans who still care about the saga and doesn't want to leave them hanging. While a half-season appears to be out of the question, we hear there's a good chance the network will at least try to find a way to fund a two- or four-hour movie event in order to give some finality to the franchise. Those discussions haven't taken place yet, however, since NBC still hasn't officially told Heroes creator Tim Kring his show is canceled.


I'll believe it when it's confirmed. I think Heroes may be back for 13 episodes of victory lap.

via Vulture

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For fucks sake shut the fuck up about Heroes. Every single post is dedicated to shitting on it, and I'm fucking tired of it. Lost seasons 4 and 5 were much worse than Heroes season 4 and yet you still are in love with Lost, even though they have screwed you over time and time again.

Give it a fucking break, io9. I cannot think of another blog so one-sided and single-minded and conservative about a one topic as you are.