Could garlic extract prevent food poisoning?

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Diallyl sulfide is what gives garlic its characteristic smell and flavor, and is a latter day miracle compound, linked to everything from stopping colon cancer to blocking mold. Now you can add another use to that list.


It's been discovered to be an incredibly effective way to fight Campylobacter, the bacteria that cause a huge number of food-borne illnesses.

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The ones you get from undercooked poultry and cross-contamination? Yeah, those guys. They're hard to fight because they're protected by a biofilm that prevents them from being easily targeted.


The researchers discovered that diallyl sulfide was 100x as effective as the antibiotics erythromycin and ciprofloxacin at stopping Campylobacter, and worked in a fraction of the time. This doesn't mean that eating garlic will stop you from getting stomach bugs, but it does mean that the compound could possibly be used to aid in food prep and safety. So look out for a future where everything comes spritzed down with extra garlic flavoring!

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While this is good news (especially because the flavor is yummy), you could just WASH YOUR HANDS and COOK YOUR FOOD.