Could Friendly Fire Be In Iron Man's Future?

One thing that jumped out at us in the new Iron Man 2 footage was the honkin big guns that one new character sported. And director Jon Favreau tells us those guns may be aimed at Tony Stark. Spoilers below.

We're referring, of course, to the giant guns that War Machine sports in Iron Man 2 — Rhodey's suit is sort of the opposite of Tony's sleek streamlined look, mostly thanks to the huge amount of firepower he totes around. So we had to ask Favreau if this gun-happy look was going to lead to conflict between Tony and Jim. "He's got big guns, yeah," said Favreau, adding that there was a lot of conflict between Iron Man and War Machine in the comics, so you shouldn't be surprised if the two of them butt heads in the movie as well.


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I don't know if it was caught at the panel, but Don Cheadle asked to see the footage again. My girlfriend realized that it was because of the questions from the audience were getting nasty towards Scarlett Johanson.

Don Cheadle is a class act.