Could Fox Be Working On A Live-Action X-Men TV Show?

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Please grab the biggest possible grain of salt available — perhaps you could steal a salt lick from a deer or something — but rumor says Fox is "in deep development" on a live-action X-Men TV series. There are no details, but there are many expectations we can manage with a bit of common sense.


The many reasons Fox won't be putting the X-Men on the small screen — at least the X-Men as we've seen them in the movies — include the fact it definitely doesn't want to interfere with its jillion-dollar movie franchise, and because a TV show can't afford to bring any of the major movie stars to a regular series (it might be able to get Sir Patrick Stewart to show up once in a while, and only because he's such a nice dude). I also don't think Fox can afford to make a show with a full team worth of heroes and villains who each need major sfx whenever they use their powers.

But if you merely assume that this show will be part of the X-Men movie universe, much like Agents of SHIELD is part of the MCU, then it becomes more feasible. Professor X (or whoever) can assemble a mutant B-team who have less visually grand mutant powers, and who can run around exploring the edges of the X-universe. Given Gotham's success without Batman, I have no doubt that Fox thinks an X-Men show even without Wolverine would also be a draw, and they're probably right.


Of course Fox also thought this back in the '90s, and the result was Generation X. So perhaps there's no need to go around rejoicing quite yet.

What I wonder is what Fox is thinking for the name of the show. Given the constant rumors of an X-Force movie, I'm betting Fox will save that name in hopes they get their shit together to make the film. I'd guess X-Factor, but then that would get confusing with Fox's reality talent show... X-Treme X-Men? Excalibur? X-Statix? The New Mutants? Hmm....

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