Does David Lynch's Dune — replete with its wing bikinis and Toto soundtrack and weird coloring books — benefit from having any and all conversation excised?


Rob Beschizza of Boing Boing seems to think so. As a cinematic experiment (and bizarro tribute to David Lynch's original cut), he cut out "those elements that made the movie so confusing and shapeless," namely all the chit-chat. Explains Beschizza:

By removing all that talking, we could transmute the 3-hour epic to about 45 minutes of pure Lynchian imagery, unburdened by the need to make a story out of 650 pages of verbose political maneuvering by people who spend half the book analyzing their own superhuman, chess-like conversations.


Frankly, I think the movie would've been improved with randomly interspersed scenes of Dennis Hopper screaming at Paul Atreides about Pabst Blue Ribbon, but that's just me.

UPDATE 7/18: Rob tells us it got axed from Vimeo, but check it out on YouTube.

Photo via Jamiemyslicki.

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