Could Christopher Nolan's Inception Be Something Like This? [NSFW]

Dennis Quaid is a powerful psychic, plus he's hooked up to the U.S. government's top-secret dream-machine, allowing him to visit a man's dreams of Japanese people and Catholic priests having sex with his wife. It sorta makes sense. NSFW video.

The thing that makes this sequence from Dreamscape especially ridiculous is the loopy music and the weird red lighting — and then there are the kids watching their mom have sex with all of Mr. Burnett's golfing buddies. If you're going to confront this kind of disturbing, surreal sex dream, who would you want at your side but Dennis Quaid?

Probably Christopher Nolan's new movie set in the "architecture of the mind," Inception, won't feature any scenes remotely like this. We think.

And Quaid doesn't even need a machine to enter your dreams, as he proves later in the film by venturing into Kate Capshaw's erotic train dream...


Aren't you glad it's Dennis Quaid week?

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This movie just recently became a 'watch instantly' movie on Netflix, which I instantly watched. One of my favorites back in the day.

That snakeman freaked me out back in the day. Now? Not so much.

Also loved Quaid's smug, smirking performance - I prefer my Dennis Quaid to be arrogant and cocky (Innerspace, Dreamscape, Big Easy) over his stern consternation (everything else).