Could Benedict Cumberbatch Really Return as Khan in Star Trek 3?

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Doctor Strange may finally be casting its lead, and it's not who we thought. How will Jaime feel about Tyrion's actions at the end of Game of Thrones season five? Joe Hill talks Horns and Darkside. And Peter Capaldi explains why there's "no flirting" with the Twelfth Doctor. Spoilers now!

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Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch told MTV that he thought the door was open for him to return as Khan in the next movie:

Maybe [Khan could come back]. He is in a freezer…we have all defrosted chicken in our day…Set the toaster to defrost and he will come out all bad and angry again. I don't know. It depends on what direction they are going to take. There is definitely room for him to come back in some shape or form.


While Zachary Quinto "doesn't think" Cumberbatch will be a part of the next film, he does agree that Khan could return later:

Any chance to work with Benedict…But I don't know if it is now or later. I don't know what they have in store for Ben? I would love to have him back.

[MTV, MTV, via Trek Movie]

Doctor Strange

Whoever has Joaquin Phoenix in the Doctor Strange pool, this one's for you: He's reportedly in talks to play the lead. [Deadline]



Here's what author Joe Hill, who wrote the book the film is based on, told the filmmakers:

I think my main advice was it has to be free to be its own thing. When they adapt a book for screen, there are two ways it can suck. One, it can totally abandon the source material, which makes you ask: why even bother with an adaptation? If you wanted to tell your own story, just tell your own story. Secondly, it's so slavishly faithful you end up with something dead on the screen, something that has no internal life. You hope the people making the film will keep the soul and heart of the story intact, but do something creative that's their own thing. You have to strike a balance between getting the good stuff from the book and adding your own good stuff. I feel everyone involved with Horns did that and brought a tremendous amount of artistic freedom to it. They made something faithful, while also something that stands on its own.


[Film School Rejects]

True North Trilogy

Apparently, Tusk is the first of a trilogy of Canada-themed horror films from Kevin Smith. After Tusk will be Yoga-Hosers, which is about "two characters in a convenience store in Tusk that you see for five minutes." The two are teenage girls her have some kind of power or weapon Smith refuses to reveal because he'll be "run out of the country."


The third film is Moose Jaws, which is also its description: Jaws, but with a moose. [First Showing]

Game of Thrones

Good news, book fans: George R.R. Martin says that the reason he won't be writing an episode for next season is because he's "got a book to write." [Entertainment Weekly]


For a round-up of cast and crew interviews at Comic-Con, head over to Winter Is Coming. Kit Harington says it's safe to assume he'll be working with Team Dragonstone, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau explains how Jaime will be feeling about the end of season five:"It's tricky – he helped Tyrion escape, but I don't think Jaime expected Tyrion to go and kill their father. That wasn't really cool, I think." [Winter is Coming]

Doctor Who

There was an interview with Peter Capaldi in The Sunday Times, where he talked about the new Doctor's relationship with Clara and his costume:

There'll be no flirting, that's for sure. It's not what this Doctor is concerned with. It's quite a fun relationship but I did call and say, 'I want no Papa-Nicole moments.' There was a bit of tension with that at first, but I was absolutely adamant.

I think it's quite a hard look. I always wanted him to be in black - I always just saw The Doctor in dark colours. Not tweed. Matt's a really young cool guy - he can wear anything, but I wanted to strip it back and be very stark."


There's also a special signet ring designed to hide Capaldi's real wedding ring. As for the action, Capaldi says:

We still blow a lot of shit up. That's very important, but it's going to be a bit different from what we've seen over recent years. A bit more gravity. Some situations are a bit more sombre and I think there are more rooted dramatic scenes.... we have another level of drama, another tone. And the scenes are longer.


You can see more photos from the article here. [Blogtor Who]

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And here's a new trailer:

Falling Skies

From the Comic-Con panel, we now know that we'll learn more about Anne's past, the Espheni aren't united anymore, and Lexi's going to go through a change. And, according to David Eick, there will "new variations on existing species. The Espheni are very immersed in genetics, the idea of altering, the idea of adapting, and corrupting, mutating. It's a terrifying idea, one that resonates. It does feel like a kissing cousin of where we are in real life. Hopefully it'll scare the s— out of you." [Entertainment Weekly]


Here's a new promo from Comic-Con:


Season 2 will start about a week after the end of season one and will be getting "darker." Agent Bellamy and Maggie might be spending more time together, as Devin Kelley said implied that bellamy might start staying at Maggie's house.


Michelle Fairley was joining Resurrection season 2 as Jacob's grandmother (Henry's mother), Margaret Langston, and is one of the returned. "She's the mother-in-law from hell," said EP Aaron Zelman. "Her secrets have to do with the family business" and will have relate to why the Returned are coming. [BuddyTV]

Here are a few more bits, tweeted by the official account:


[via SpoilerTV]

Dark Side

Here's writer Joe Hill about the anthology series:

Darkside is a loose reboot of Tales from the Darkside, it does tell stories about different characters. It also tells an ongoing story," Hill said. "I love the original Tales from the Darkside, The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, but I think in a post-X-Files world there's really no room for a straight anthology show. There has to be a little more. I like stories that work like puzzle boxes, where every episode is turning another facet. We have something a little like that in Darkside, that I'm pretty excited about where you're watching it and every episode is a different story but three or four episodes in, you're going, 'Wait a minute, these parts actually all go together don't they?' I think that's kind of exciting and I think the viewers will like that, too.


[Shock Till You Drop]

Once Upon a Time

Here's the message to the fans Ginnifer Goodwin sent to Comic-Con. [via Entertainment Weekly]


At the Comic-Con panel, Bree Turner explained what's in store for Rosalee and Monroe after their wedding:

We are exposed now as Wesen harboring this Grimm. We also put ourselves on the line at the wedding showing the world we're a modern couple in the community. We're changing the rules and not subscribing to the old-fashioned rules.


Co-creator David Greenwalt hinted at a new Wesen:

We're gonna see some great new [Wesen] next season, particularly coming in the first couple episodes, a character who steals your identity but in a very disgusting way.


[Entertainment Weekly]

True Blood

Here's a video interview with Kristin Bauer:

And here's a preview of the rest of season seven:

The Originals

Here's the season 2 promo from Comic-Con:

Z Nation

Here's a poster for the new zombie show. [SpoilerTV]

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