Could A Six Get Her Own BSG Spin-Off?

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With the end of Battlestar Galactica rapidly approaching, is this the end of Tricia Helfer's cyber-goodness? Or could Six have a spin-off of her own? Helfer herself spills gooey Cylon details.


While doing press for her character Carla on the sexy spy drama Burn Notice (which we all adore), Helfer took the time to answer some press questions on BSG and the Six. Will she be back? We've heard the rumors about the big BSG ending (do not click that link unless you want it spoiled). So does her characters climax leave room for spin-offs for her or maybe other Sixes?


Here are her Battlestar-related answers:

Will there be a conclusion to the number Six?

There definitely is, yes. For the first time I find out after five years of filming what that relationship is, so there will be a conclusion by the finale, yes."

What was it like when you shot your last episode for Battlestar Galactica?

Shooting the last episode is intense. Not only do emotions run really high, because obviously this is the last time you're working with a lot of these people and you become like family over five years, but it's also very intense because last episodes tend to come in very long. I think we had a four-hour script in a two hour time frame to shoot, that we were maybe given a couple of extra days. So we really shot incredibly long hours and everybody was kind of like zombies at the end of it. So it's intense, emotions are really high, but it's also a wonderful feeling, it's a great feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie, too.


With this finale of Battlestar Galactica fast approaching, do you think that there'd be any possibility of a spin-off of Battlestar further in the future? I know they're working on the prequel, but would you see any possibility of a future spin-off, like for the series?

You know, I've never really thought about that. Without giving away the finale, I guess there sort of could be. It's definitely a closing in one respect, but now that you mentioned it, there could possibly be a spin-off. I don't expect there to be. I really don't expect there to be and I don't think that's their intention, but I guess you can never say never in this business.


I think I'm more satisfied that we'll be getting a solid conclusion for Helfer's mad Six characters, because I really want to know where this blond beauty came from and why she became such a human-loving, god fearing robot.

But if you're still hungry for more Helfer, then make sure to check out Burn Notice on Thursdays at USA. Hey, it's got Bruce Campbell too.


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She should have that looked at by a doctor.