Could a new Star Trek TV show really happen?

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There's been a lot of buzz the past few days about the possibility that the creators of the Munsters reboot, now known as Mockingbird Lane, could get a Star Trek TV show off the ground.


Both creators, Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer, have expressed a desire to bring back Star Trek in the past — Fuller wanted to do a TV show set in the revamped timeline of J.J. Abrams' movies, while Singer wanted to do a show set in the far future.


And now, both Bryans are working together on Mockingbird Lane — so it's not surprising to hear that they've chatted about their mutual interest in Star Trek. A report over at Ain't It Cool News, late last week, mentioned in passing that the two Bryans had had conversations about it, and this got picked up over the weekend by a number of sites. From what we're hearing, it sounds as though these are literally just conversations at this point, and there's nothing concrete — and definitely nothing has been pitched to CBS yet. On the other hand, this gives us a good reason to hope that Mockingbird Lane does well — so it gives the creators enough clout to pitch an expensive Star Trek show.

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Pilot episode:

A Borg cube suffers some sort of malfunction due to an anomalous stream of plasma material in the deep recesses of space. It crash lands on an earth-like planning it was already planning to survey. To maintain the biological functions of each borg, the nanobots were forced to reconfigure themselves, severing each borg completely from the consciousness, and partially from each other (to be used as plot points in future episodes). Individually, and at their own pace, they each slowly regain their individual memories and rediscover who they are — a Starfleet crew that had been assimilated. [Fade to black.]

(I haven't seen all ST episodes so I apologize if something like this was already done. No copyright infringement intended. The idea just popped into my head.)