Could a Game of Thrones director rescue the Terminator films?

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The Terminator franchise continues to rumble forward, like a Hunter-Killer, and there's finally some good news. Former Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor, who helmed the soon-to-be-released Thor sequel, could be helming the next Terminator. Which is apparently the FIRST movie of a stand alone trilogy.


Variety broke the news that Taylor is in talks to director the first part of this new trilogy. However, "plot details have not been revealed... It is still unknown at this time what part Arnold Schwarzenegger will have in the film, though he has said in past interviews he will be back for the film."

So there you have it. More Terminator, whether you like it or not. Our money is on a more modernized version with John Connor, fighting robots before Judgment Day. Just a direct ripoff of the fabulous Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, in other words. What do you think?

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Is Cersei going to be in it?