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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Captain America definitely won't be reconnecting with his 1940s love interest in The Winter Soldier. New TV spots reveal the fantasy worlds of Oz the Great and Powerful and Beautiful Creatures. Plus tons of spoilers for all your favorite TV shows!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Oz the Great and Powerful.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

According to a recent profile on Captain America costar Hayley Atwell, the actress has confirmed that she will not be back as Peggy Carter for the sequel. It was already assumed that she wouldn't have a major role in the film, what with the move to the present day setting, but this may mean she won't appear in any World War II flashback sequences either. Even so, I'm guessing a quick cameo may not be totally out of the question, which seems like a very Marvel Studios thing to do. Anyway, plan on distinctly less Peggy Carter this time around. [Timeout]


Guardians of the Galaxy

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt has rightly attracted the most attention as a late entrant into the Star Lord casting derby, another actor with even deeper connections to the world of DC Comics has also read for the role. Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on Smallville and, infinitely more importantly, voiced the Flash on Justice League tweeted that he has read for the role:

Rosenbaum's inclusion in the search is a little surprising, insofar as he doesn't really have the major movie credits or rising star credentials of other rumored candidates like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joel Edgerton, Jim Sturgess, Eddie Redmayne, Lee Pace, Zachary Levi, and Jack Huston. As such, he's probably a longshot contender for the role... but even so, he's actually a fairly intriguing candidate. [Comic Book Movie]

Star Trek Into Darkness

In case there was any doubt (and I don't really think there was), William Shatner definitely won't be in the sequel, according to the man himself:

"I don't think that J.J. Abrams knows what to do with me. Age and change in body shape."


[Geek Speak]

Oz the Great and Powerful

Here are two TV spots for the upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel from the Spider-Man team of director Sam Raimi and star James Franco, not to mention Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Mila Kunis, The Fountain's Rachel Weisz, and Brokeback Mountain's Michelle Williams as the three witch sisters. [/Film]

Warm Bodies

Here are some new photos from the zombie romantic comedy, starring X-Men: First Class actor Nicholas Hoult, Children's Hospital star Rob Corddry, and John Malkovich, who I'm pretty sure was in Being John Malkovich, possibly as a jewel thief. [Coming Soon]



Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce's new adaptation of the Stephen King novel, which will star Hugo's Chloe Moretz, The Big Lebowski's Julianne Moore, and Arrested Development's Judy Greer, has been pushed back from its original release date of March 15 this year to October 18. Somewhat weirdly, that now places two supernatural films in which Julianne Moore plays an evil matriarch in direct competition with each other, as her medieval witch movie The Seventh Son is also set to come out on that October weekend. [Coming Soon]


Beautiful Creatures

Here's a TV spot for next month's supernatural romance movie featuring a bunch of intriguing ringers including heavyweight British thespians Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, two-time Oscar nominee Viola Davis, Shameless star Emmy Rossum, and former Justified villain Margo Martindale. [Coming Soon]


Costar Jasika Nicole says that Astrid has a crucial role to play in the finale, which made up for the fact that her character hasn't been so crucial to the action in season five:

"[She] gets her moment to shine in the last episode. Without her, I can honestly say, everything's going to go downhill! It meant the world to me."


While showrunner Joel Wyman explains his goals with the two-part series finale, which airs January 18:

"By rights we really shouldn't be here, and without that support and respect [of fans and the press] we wouldn't be, so I wanted to be sure I handled that [action element] and the emotional with equal import."


[TV Line]

The Walking Dead

Here's a decently high-quality version of the rather underwhelming (read: crappy) video we posted yesterday. It's a promo for "The Suicide King", which kicks off the rest of season three on February 10. [Shock Till You Drop]

Person of Interest

TV Line has a massive preview for all the new and returning shows of 2013. We're highlighting some of the best stuff for a variety of sci-fi and fantasy shows, but be sure to check out the whole thing to read about everything that's up ahead. Now let's start the rundown with this quote from Person of Interest executive producer Greg Plageman about what to expect next:

"There's an interesting dilemma here for Agent Donnelly and the FBI. All four suspects have been rounded up, and all four of them are men in suits – so there's intrigue to be played with that, and it's not easily resolved. Donnelly is well aware of Carter's history as an interrogator in Iraq, and now that he has Reese in custody, it will be very interesting to see how Carter is enlisted, while playing both sides of the fence."


[TV Line]


Executive producer David Rambo discusses how the show wants to handle Miles and Rachel's story going forward, as well as what might be going on in the rest of post-energy America outside the Monroe Republic:

"We're absolutely exploring [Miles and Rachel's story], because we left them with her getting handcuffed after surrendering to him in a flashback. We would like to see more of what happened 10 minutes later between the two of them... We had [exec producer] Jon Favreau with us for a day in the writer's room and he loves these other republics, what they could be. He gave us some fantastic ideas about what these other places in North America might look like 15 years after a blackout."


[TV Line]


Co-creator James Pouf discusses what happens next now that Nick knows about Renard and Juliette's apparently budding relationship:

"He's not exactly happy about it. It's something he realizes he kind of has to deal with. The captain is out of the bag, so to speak. There's definitely some action between [Renard and Juliette]. It's all messy. [On whether they have sex] Well, they're going to do something."


Check out the link for some more general tidbits about what's ahead. [TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Here's a pair of sneak peeks for "The Cricket Game", which kicks off the second half of season two this Sunday, January 6.

Jennifer Morrison discusses Emma's reaction to the arrival of Cora and Hook:

"No one's going to be happy. It's too much of a threat to everything that we care about. [Speaking as Emma] I don't really know that much about all these people from this other land, but I do know that those two are dangerous, so I'm certainly not going to want them anywhere near my kid."


[TV Line]

Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis shared some thoughts on the rest of the second season at a recent press event, starting with this quote from Horowitz about the ever evolving character dynamics between Snow White, Prince Charming, and Emma:

"The first part of the season was them kind of coming to terms with [how] the memories are back and all that. Now, going forward, it's ‘what does this mean being a family? What does it mean, being in this world with these memories and with this new, strange familial relationship, and what do we want now?' What does that mean with all of these circumstances that are completely different from anything they ever expected?"


And Kitsis offers this preview all about Emma's possible romantic entanglements:

"Emma is going to find herself with a few choices this season, and I think that, [like] in all life, there are people that are right for you, and there are the people that are wrong for you, and then there are the people that you just choose, and I think Emma's going to face all of those things. The love of Emma's life last year was Henry, and this year, we actually met the one person she's fallen in love with. So, Hook is obviously eye candy. I don't know if she would stare at him and think he would be a good father to Henry, but he might be fun in Vegas. What's interesting about Emma is that now that she's found her family, now that the shock of ‘they're the same age as me' has worn off, they're starting to become a family, and she's starting to settle down, and a lot of the anger and the walls that she's put up throughout her life are going to maybe be able to broken, but not as quickly as you'd like. There's still healing to do, but I think that includes her heart, so it's a matter of who wins it."


Check out the link for more. [KSiteTV]


Star Stephen Amell discusses a pair of upcoming villains that will be introduced in the second half of the season, namely Fringe's Seth Gabel as the Count and Alias's David Anders as Cyrus Vanch:

"[The Count's] a departure from any of the villains that we've had so far. I spend a lot of time as Arrow going after him, and it's personal for me for reasons I can't explain. [Cyrus Vanch is] reckless and incredibly confident — and I don't go after him; he comes after me!"


[TV Line]

Beauty and the Beast

Here's a promo photo showing star Jay Ryan's beast Vincent embracing his one-time fiancee Alex, as played by Legend of the Seeker's Bridget Regan. She will make her debut as Alex on January 24 and recur thereafter. Executive producer Sherri Cooper discusses the former, possibly future couple down below. [TV Line]

"They would have gotten married had Vincent not enlisted and gone off to war. And then it was reported he had been killed, so, as far as Alex has known, Vincent died tragically. [Reconnecting] is going to bring up all these old emotions for Vincent, and bring up lots of emotions for Catherine and Vincent. [It'll be] a really cool, explosive love triangle. When you see [Ryan and Regan] on screen, it's amazing. The first time we saw them together in dailies, we were like, 'Oh f–k. Of course he was engaged to her... Oh no, it's a good triangle.' And Kristin [Kreuk]'s very funny. She called us early on and was like, 'I mean, I like her, but I can't help it - I'm jealous!'"


Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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