Cosplay Repair Teams Help Costumers In Serious Trouble

Costumers can wow us with their outstanding outfits, but under it all, there’s something waiting to go wrong: that’s where cosplay repair teams jump into action to save the day at any given comic con.

The Replica Props Forums has a great post up about some fantastic individuals that they’ve spotted, armed with all the right tools to help out a costumer who needs some emergency repairs while out on the floor.


Here’s a couple of of great examples:

Cosplay Rescue, Costa Rica


Captain Patch-It, Australia

This is seriously a great idea - I haven’t come across anyone like this personally, but it’s something that is a really useful thing to have at any convention. Hit up the RPF for more.



Image credit: Brigada CosplAid, Lovejoynet Cosplay, Captain Patch-It


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