Cosmos is great, and has inspired more than few great posts on io9. The blu-ray pre-order has been sticking to its $60 MSRP, but you can grab it for $30 today. Shipping June 10. [Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, $30]

Here's a new program to get book lovers excited. Every month, Amazon will offer Kindle downloads of four not-yet-released books. Anyone can pick one to download for just $2 and read it before the release date, or Prime members can choose one for free. You can check out the first slate of books and sign up for email alerts here, or save yourself the $2 by signing up for a free Prime 30 day trial.

Today in the no-brainer category, Android owners can get $20 worth of Android apps, in the form of Amazon coins, for $7. What you're actually doing is buying the Android version of GTA: San Andreas, which costs 7 bucks and comes with 2000 free coins ($20). If you have a Kindle Fire and want the game then all the better, but either way, you're getting $13 to spend on apps for free. [GTA: San Andreas with 2000 coins, $7]

Dexter complete series blu-ray boxed set | $106

There are car chargers, and then there are car chargers. This model from Mpow features two USB ports, and 20W of power, which means you could charge two full-sized iPads at nearly full speed at the same time. At $7, why not?

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LEGO Minecraft: The Nether ($28) | Amazon

Super Mario Chess ($25) | Target

Buy Starcraft II, get Heart of the Swarm free ($39) | Best Buy




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