Everybody Loves Tony Ray welcomes you to Wakanda.
Everybody Loves Tony Ray welcomes you to Wakanda.
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For Tony Ray, Black Panther is more than just a movie or comic, and dressing up as the titular character is something special: “I feel as if I am king of the great nation of Wakanda.” The cosplayer and activist (who goes by the name Everybody Loves Tony Ray) has designed and worn several looks inspired by T’Challa, and he’s here to show us one that’s easy for anyone to make.


For io9's new Cos/Play series, Ray shares his love of cosplay, Black Panther, and his grandma while teaching you how to DIY your own Wakandan jewelry. Check out the video and tutorial below.

How To Make: Vibranium Bead Bracelet

Materials Needed:
15 to 25 black round wooden beads (can also paint them black)
8 to 12 inches elastic cord
1 tube silver acrylic paint (or 1 silver paint pen)
1 small paintbrush (if not using a pen)


1) Thread the beads through the elastic cord and tie with tailor’s knot or double overhand knot to construct the bracelet.

2) Practice painting the Wakandan glyphs on a test surface, to get comfortable. Use this image for reference.

3) Decide whether to paint them on two or four sides of the bead. I personally recommend doing two, because it will look less busy (painting results in thicker lines than etching).

4) Do two coats of paint for each Wakandan glyph, letting them dry in between each coat.


5) Optional: Add topcoat of clear nail polish to keep the paint from flaking.

How To Make: T’Challa Claw Necklace

Materials Needed:
4 small wooden or plastic claw beads
5 large wooden or plastic claw beads
30 inches leather cord
1 tube silver acrylic paint
1 tube black acrylic paint
1 medium paintbrush


1) Paint large claw beads silver and small claw beads black. Do 2-3 coats of paint for each claw, letting them dry between each coat.

2) String beads onto leather cord, tying a simple overhand knot between each one. You’ll start with large silver, then small black, alternating.


3) Bring the necklace around your neck to estimate how much cord to clip off. Cut cord to size.

4) Finish off with a double fisherman’s knot on each end of the cord.


Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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