Cory Doctorow Is Here To Take Questions About Copyright And Creativity

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What does creative success look like online today? Cory Doctorow is here to answer your questions about the state of copyright, the tangled possibilities of creative work on the internet, and just what the future might hold for them both.


Doctorow's new book Information Doesn't Want To Be Free: Laws For The Internet Age takes a look at issues of both copyright and creativity in the internet age.


Doctorow is also the author of the novels Homeland, Pirate Cinema, Little Brother, Rapture of the Nerds, and Makers as well as the co-editor of Boing Boing. He co-founded the U.K. Open Rights Group and was formerly the European Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

He'll be joining us from 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. PT today, so start asking him your questions now about copyright law, the spread of information, artists on the internet, and sharing online in the comments. He'll be answering as many as he can while he's here.

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I have two questions: What are the chances the length of copyright will be reduced back into a reasonable time frame, instead of extending into what could be perpetuity?

Is there much research being done into when something that is technically copyright infringing is good for the art in question, and when it is bad? For example, there are several shows I initially wasn't interested in watching, but gave them a chance after seeing gifs on tumblr.