Corpse Bride director making a stop-motion Wizard of Oz war film

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Corpse Bride co-director Mike Johnson wants to be king of the creepy Wizard of Oz movie spin-offs with his stop-motion war movie. His next project Oz Wars, sounds freakier than the wheelers.


From the press release:

Oz Wars, written by Rob Moreland (Space Chimps 1 & 2 and Vanguard's upcoming live action City of Dragons) and Athena Gam (Vanguard's recently announced Alien Rock Band), transforms the Oz narrative into a contemporary, freaky action-packed PG-13 audience pleaser, with Dorothy caught up in a whirlwind of warrior witches, black magic, martial arts and monsters.

"Oz Wars is an animated action-adventure story, but unlike most animated films, it's not just for kids," Johnson says. "The Land of Oz will be re-imagined using stop-motion to create a world that's dark, slick, sexy, and dangerous. It's long been a goal of mine to create a hard-hitting, grown-up action film using stop-motion animation. Oz Wars is my opportunity to do that."


Maybe not Wheeler scary, but still nightmare fuel. We'll fill you in as we know more.

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Look, I don't care how great or crappy this movie is as long they do product tie ins that include an awesome pair of ruby slippers.

Shut up. I just need them. OK?!