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In Ant-Man, Hank Pym invents a material that allows him to shrink to the size of an ant — but how does Ant-Man's nemesis, Yellowjacket, get his own superpowers? Turns out it's way different than the comics. Actor Corey Stoll told us the costume's backstory, along with some details about Yellowjacket's arsenal.


We caught up with Stoll doing interviews about his new show The Strain, and he told us the origin of Yellowjacket:

"Well, you know, Yellowjacket, it's slightly different from in the comic books. Yellowjacket was a suit that Hank Pym, Michael Douglas' character, used and he sort of did some ethically questionable things as Yellowjacket. Now, in our story, I'm Darren Cross who is one of the characters in the comic books and he invents this suit that can do everything that the Ant-Man suit can do, plus more. It's more militaristic, it's more advanced, it's armored... and then he is Yellowjacket."

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