Coraline's Neil Gaiman Scares The Crap Out Of Me

Magic man Neil Gaiman takes time to reassure you that buttons aren't scary — except when people take needles and sew them into your eyes, in the new Coraline trailer. New phobia, here I come.

Holy crap — I didn't know I could be so afraid of Neil Gaiman. In these two minutes, Gaiman perfectly explains the eerie undertones that are prevalent in the 3-D stop-motion movie adaptation of his book Coraline.

The story follows a little girl as she discovers a wonderous parallel universe where everything in her life is perfect, even her family. But as we all know, when something is too good to be true, it usually is.

The trailers for Coraline (thus far) have excellently showcased the painstaking work that went into each frame of this film. You should have no doubt by now that Henry Selick's Coraline is truly a thing of beauty; from each individually lit flower to the characters themselves. But what Gaiman does here is explain to those who haven't read his work Coraline just how frightening this story really is, in a sweetly ominous, button-dropping manner. It will give you chills, and if you weren't originally afraid of buttons, Gaiman will make you shiver every time you put on your winter coat.


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The more excited about this movie I get the more and more I wonder how this film will actually do upon release. I can't imagine a lot of adults taking their kids to see this. The trailers try to keep it somewhat lighthearted and adventurous, but it still comes off as very very dark. Is this going to be one of those kids movies that only adults see?

Seems likely.