Director Henry Selick is a huge reason why Neil Gaiman's Coraline is so gorgeously spooky. While promoting Coraline, he gave us some details about his next project, a zombie stop motion feature called Paranorman.

Selick, who's famous for his fantastic eye for all things stop-motion and has a brilliant pop-cult sensibility, is ready to dive into another stop-motion feature.


There's not a lot of word out there about Paranorman, besides the fact that Selick is attached, but we got him to spill a few details about Chris Butler's sweet zombie tale.

Our head story artist Chris Butler, for Coraline, he's a really good writer, he has an original script called Paranorman, so I'm going to be a creative producer on that. He's writing the second draft. We're putting together the character designs. That's something that I want to get going.

It's a kid Norman,'s a sweet zombie comedy. It's great. The zombies, I can't tell too much about it, it's different it's something never quite done before in animation. It has a lot of heart about differences. There's elements of witchcraft, communicating with the dead, and an army of zombies.


So Henry Selick is going to be a creative producer to a movie that deals with a stop-motion army of zombies? Um, where do I send my check? This will be amazing. I cannot wait for the character designs to come out. Thank you, Selick, for keeping the art of stop-motion animation alive and creepy.

But until then, you'll have to check out Selick's work in Coraline — in theaters this Friday.