Coraline's Gorgeous Characters Could Have Been Even Creepier

Hopefully by now, you've checked out the gorgeous stop-motion film Coraline. And now, a new collection of Coraline concept art sheds some light on how these characters came into 3D life.

It's pretty entertaining to see how all the delightfully eerie puppets from Coraline changed and grew from their original concept art, especially the Other Mother. The Character Design blog has a lovely interview with the artist Shannon Tindle, where he talks a little about working on the movie and how he's very happy with Mr. B's end result (and so are we).

Careful - one of these images has a naked Ms. Spink in it who is, NSFW (but she's still tiny in the picture itself). The artists they used on this movie were all pretty brilliant in their own right, and I'm incredibly happy that they teamed up to bring Neil Gaiman's work to life. Director Henry Selick really knows how to gather the best.


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