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Cops retrieve woman's body from river — turns out to be a sex doll

Illustration for article titled Cops retrieve womans body from river — turns out to be a sex doll

What is it with people confusing sex toys for organic matter these days — and why does it keep happening in China?


Eighteen policemen spent an hour struggling to recover the (very deflated) inflatable sex doll pictured up top from a river in China's Shandong province, after mistaking it for a woman's body.


"Officials said the toy's design and size was so similar to an adult female body that the policemen had to act," reports The Times of India. "Shandong is an important center for producing sex toys in China and supplies them across the globe."

I guarantee you that, somewhere in Shandong, a meeting is being held right now on how to incorporate this incident into a new ad campaign. So realistic, the cops mistook it for a drowning victim! ©

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It's obvious she died of puncture wounds.