Cops handcuff Batman, drag him away to jail

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Looks like Batman still hasn't cleared his name after he decided to take the fall for Harvey Dent's crimes. The L.A. cops arrested him for standing on Hollywood Blvd. and posing with tourists, and he's still in jail.

Ordinarily, Hollywood Blvd is full of people in superhero and other costumes, posing with tourists, but the police have suddenly launched a crackdown on their "loitering." Among those arrested were Bumblebee (from Transformers), Catwoman, Freddy Krueger, and Edward Scissorhands. At least they let Edward Scissorhands go. The street performers say they're not bothering anyone and they don't demand tips from the tourists who pose with them — but some local merchants say some of the performers do harrass bystanders for tips. According to CNN:

By Wednesday afternoon, Hollywood Boulevard was clear of the characters but filled with tourists. Any costumed actor who dared to show up was nabbed by police.

"Tourists are going 'Where are all the characters?'" said Christopher Dennis, a mild-mannered actor who has portrayed Superman for 19 years.

Like Superman, Dennis is seen as a powerful figure because he has a level of fame. He was featured in "Confessions of a Superhero," a 2007 documentary about the lives and dreams of these street performers.

Fearing he would be arrested, Dennis has stayed away until he can find out who or what is behind the arrests of his friends.

Los Angeles police did not respond to several requests for an interview about the crackdown...

Struggling actors survive on the tips while pursuing their dreams of stardom.

Their numbers have grown in recent months along with the complaints that some were strong-arming tourists for tips.


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Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me. Law enforcement in the US is becoming more and more strict and, I dare to say, almost fascist. Yesterday, I was reading in the local paper the case of a town straddling the Can-USA border. One street in this city was straight on the border, so that the yellow ine in the middle actually functioned as a frontier. For decades both country had lived in harmony, people crossing from one country to another without that much hassle. However, since a few years, the US border gard became ruthless. In that aforementionned street, you can no longer croos the yellow line. So your a Canadian and you wanna see your American neighbor accross the street? You have to walk a few miles to get to the customs and then you can go back to see your neighbor. The town library is on the border, but the entrance in on the US side. So if your a Canadian, you can walk into the US to go the library, but ONLY if you stay on the sidewalk. You step one foot into the street and the border guard will appear. Technically, he could arrest you, but he'll probably just scream at you to get out of the US. Your a Canadian kid playing hockey in the street? Better stay on your side of the yellow line, bub.

So, seeing this abberation, police arresting street performers doesn't really strikes me as odd.